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Farmerama bonus codes  -  10.06.2012

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We have gathered here all currently active Farmerama bonus codes and we update our website as soon as there is a new bonus code, so feel free to check back from time to time. Alternatively you can like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter so that you learn immediately about any updates. Farmerama bonus codes are placed on the bottom right corner of the news page (notice the picture that resembles a code). If a code is not valid any more, if you are looking for neighbors in the game, have tips or want to share any other feedback, please feel free to leave a comment.

Please note that we are an independent website and not linked anyhow to Bigpoint, the company that produced Farmerama. We are gathering here the official Farmerama bonus codes so that you don't have to look for them in forums or crapy cheat sites. However we cannot create Farmerama bonus codes ourselves codes and have no influence whatsoever to how often there are new codes.

Have fun with Farmerama!

Currently active Farmerama bonus codes - last update 02.03.2014
FARMWHEELPARTY55x Party tickets, valid until 2nd of March 2014 23:59 CET
Bookmark our page and come here often to check for updates, or follow us on Facebook to read our notifications whenever there is a new code.

Old Farmerama bonus codes
DIAMONDSLOT12H, 12h diamond slot, valid until 14 May 2013
xmas2012 - 2 Reindeer Surprise Boxes; and 1 Deluxe Reindeer Surprise Box.
champion2012 - Champions Trophy, 150 EP x your level and 2 stars
turkey - 3 stars, 15 turkeys, 12 hours all helpers for free
garfield - 10 x plush mice and 3 stars
award: 30 x Superfeed, 35 x Supergrow, 25 x Salt, 25 x sugar
pretzel: free gingerbread heart
ilikeufos2 - 5x super grow, 3 stars, 1 apple carrot chutney
fans2012 - 2x cheering fans and 1x group of fans
soccerbonus - 275 apple, 250 chestnuts, valid until June 14th
bigcommunity - All 3 farm helpers for 6 hours, 3 stars and 15 units of Susy's super glow
newfanbonus - all helpers for 3 hours plus 3 stars, valid until 04.05.2012 at 12:00 CET
freecotton: 300 cotton, valid until 19.04 at 12:00 CET
helpinghand - gives all 3 helpers for 12 hours. Valid until April 3rd at 12:00 CET
goldoxcar: 250 x gerbera and 10 x screenplay 
socialstar: 5 free stars, valid until Feb 5th 2012
snowdome - winter magic snowball, valid till 31.01.2012
schule: free sheep
farmhelp: All 3 farm helpers at your disposal for 3 hours - until 30.11
tradegift: 6 trade licenses and 6 gift licenses
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