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Farmerama tips and tricks  -  29.03.2012

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We have gathered here some Farmerama tips. If you have recently started playing the game, you might find them useful:

-  First of all, if you have a tip of your own to share or are looking for neighbors, please leave a comment below.

- Place as many plots of land as you can but also leave some room for stables. Bare in mind that you can place your plots of land on the main filed, the green meadow as well as the magical glade. In order to make fast progress, you need to produce as much as possible.

- Do not buy more than two stables from a particular animal, you will soon need space - and money - for more.

- Start by planting lettuce, but as you level up in the game you will be able to plant many more different vegetables. It is important to have a variety of products, because your customers at the farmhouse will ask for different vegetables. Higher level plants are the ones that award you the most experience points and the most tools when you harvest them.

- As soon as you level up, always buy the new stables and trees that you unlock. Place a lot of trees.

- Go to the farmer's society in the city and try to complete as many missions as possible, especially the Farming Contest and the Country Fair. As a reward you get trophies that you place on your farm and thus enhance the possibility to find tools and quest items.

- Nails and other items found on your farm while harvesting plants and animals are used to build special stable upgrades, some of which you can't buy for country coins or can't buy at all. This way you will be able to produce expensive goods like eggs, milk, wool and many more. In order to find more tools, you have to plant plants that take long to fully grow. You can also add neighbors and ask them to send you free tool crates daily, and you can complete the Farming Contest and Country Fair missions in order to get a higher chance of finding tools. Some other missions award you XXL tool crates as well.

- The fertilizer is almost useless, it let's your plants grow a poor 5% faster. Better sell it on the farm market.

- Don't you sell all of your plants, always keep at least 30 to 40 units, in order to plant them again.

- The country house, pardon us, sucks. We always buy our seeds on the farmer's market and sell our plants there too. The prices for buying seeds are much lower there than buying them in the shopping center, and the sale prices for your plants are also much better than selling them in the country house. Your choice, however.

- If you want to complete missions that ask you for an unreasonable amount of vergetables, fruits or products, go buy the items you need on the farmer's market. Some mission rewards are really worth spending your country coins.

- The most important Farmerama tip however, is: Find neighbors! If you have a lot of neighbors, you can send each other free gifts and cash in a really lot of experience points each time they level up - you have to click on their icon on the right side bar and click on congratulate. Also, you get extra space on the green meadow if you have neighbors. Feel free to leave a comment below with your Farmerama user ID if you are looking for more neighbors.

- Always make sure you have enough food for your animals, and produce some in advance.

- Plant the plants that take the longest to grow over night.

- If you start a quest that has a time deadline, start it right after you are about to seed what is asked from you.

- Turn the wheel immediately after you have logged in - you might win double experience for some hours and it would be a pitty to have already harvested what you planted over night.

- Save your gold coins to buy the mystery stables or the mystery trees during the respective event which takes place about once a month. These special stables and trees will produce very rare and expensive products for you.

- Do not waste your coins on an extra wheel spin. If you think that because you paid the game will give you super gifts, you are mistaken. Chances are you will spend 2 gold coins on 2 chicken or fertilizer. Not a good deal, if you ask me.

- If you decide to breed animals, save your super feed and perfumes for the baby boom event. During this event, which usually takes place once a month over the weekend, you get alway get a second baby and it might also be a higher level than you would normally get. Otherwise it will take you ages to breed high level animals and it is almost not worth the trouble. You might want to buy them from the farmer's market.

- Check our farmerama bonus codes section often. Now and then Bigpoint announces Farmerama codes that grant you extra gifts.

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