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The Smurfs Village Q&Α  -  23.02.2012

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Q: How can I get free smurfberries?
A: Well, you can't. Since the game per se is free, smurfberries are the only developer's source of income. Rumors say that you can hijack your iphone and mess up wit it a bit, but certainly do not recommend such strategies. Jockey smurf sometimes gives out free smurfberries, and after level 20 you get 3 smurfberries for every level up.

Q: How do I upgrade the Christmas tree?
A: Click on the bottom of the tree

Q: How long does it take for crops to wither?
A: As long as it takes for them to grow

Q: I can't solve the smurfs village room riddle!
A: It is a mushroom!

Q: How to plant golden corn?
A: You need the harvest wagon

Q: What is the best strategy to gain coins?
A: Plant blueberries!

Q: How do I get the harvest wagon in the smurfs village?
A: You can buy it at the shop for smurfberries

Q: Hot to harvest a shrub of acorns for Papa Smurf?
A: Plant an acorn tree, grow the acorns and harvest them.

Q: How do I beat the "bake a cherry cake in the bakery" mini-game?
A: Click on the cake when you see the cherries, not any time sooner. Keep in mind you can have multiple screens in the bakery game, so you should swipe left/right to see if the cherry cakes are ready in other screens.

Q: How do I prevent my kids from purchasing smurfberries?
A: Go to settings, general, restrictions and go to in-app purchases and turn it off!

Q: How often Smurfette gives away her hearts?
A: Once a day

Q: Can I speed up the growth of my crops if I change the time settings on my phone?
A: You can try, but you have to turn WiFi off or otherwise you will get a warning from Papa Smurf. And even if you don't, you might not get any more XP from stuff that used to give you XP, so we really do not recommend this cheat.

Q: Do Smurfs ditch the village if I mess up with my phone's clock a lot?
A: Yes, they actually do. So do not get greedy

Q: If I delete and re-install the game, will I lose my progress?
A: Yes, indeed, however in case of the IOS-version, do connect your game to Game Center and save your progress online

Q: What is the best smurfberries-investment?
A: The harvest wagon and farmer smurf

Q: What is Lazy Smurf good for?
A: Once you start to get badges Lazy gives you about 500 xp everytime you play

Q: How can I plant / harvest multiple crops at once?
A: Buy and upgrade farmer smurf to do this for you

Q: What is the golden pick good for?
A: It helps you perform better in the mining smurf mini-game

Q: What are the snails and caterpillars good for?
A: The snail gives you 250 XP and the caterpillar 500 XP every 24 hours

Q: How do I find neighbors in the smurfs village game?
A: Anyone of your Game Center of Facebook friends who is playing the smurfs village, will automatically be your friend. You can send them gifts every 24 hours.

Q: My wife and I - my son and I want both to play the game on the same Ipad!
A: Create a second game center account and make sure you log in seperately each time you start the game

Q: I am stuck in the timber smurf log mission
A: Place a couple of logs by Timber Smurf's House and wait until you see the wood icon above his house, then click on the icon

Q: How do I complete the pink bench mission?
A: Build a pink table AND a pink bench!

Thanks for reading. If you have any more questions or would like to contribute with your own hints, please do leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you. If you are looking for smurfs village neighbors, you can share your Game Center ID here as well. Enjoy the smurfs village game!
The Smurfs Village is a free application for Android phones as well as Iphone and Ipad. It was developed by Beeline Interactive. The application is free to download, however you may be charged for additional game content.

Your mission in the smurfs village is to rebuild the smurfs' village after Gargamel has finally managed to destroy it. You begin your quest with a single mushroom house and a plot of land. Under the guidance of Papa Smurf you will build houses, gardens, bridges, paths and create the smurfs' village of your dreams.

There is not really much plot in the game, but if you are a smurfs fan you will enjoy the casual gameplay and the colorful graphics.The Smurfs Village is a free application and you can actually play it without paying any money. However, if you do want to make faster progress in the game, you can buy Smurfburries to build buildings and grow crops faster.


Build a complete Smurfs, village from scratch

Play with your favorite Smurfs including Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and Jokey Smurf

Play mini games like Greedy Smurf’s Baking Game, Papa Smurf’s Potion Mixing Game, and Painter Smurf’s Painting Game and unlock additional bonuses

See what the Smurfs Village app is all about!
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